The 47th International Chemistry Olympiad, organized by Baku Branch of Lomonosov Moscow State University, continues.

This international knowledge competition gathered 300 young chemists from 5 continents and 75 countries, as well as over 250 chemists, the jury, experts, professors, supervisors, and team leaders.

To date, theoretical and practical exams in chemistry have been held in the framework of the Olympiad.

The experimental exam was held on July 23, and the theoretical one took place on July 25. Participants of the competition tried their level of knowledge in the classes and laboratories of Baku Branch of Moscow State University.

On carrying out each test, the students tried to solve the tasks in 5 hours. Teams from 75 countries worked on issues that required original and non-standard approach. The participants from around the world who came to Baku to take part in this great science competition enjoyed the rich material and technical base of the Baku Branch of Moscow State University, as well as laboratories, modern equipment, the devices that meet the latest technology.

According to the rules, the theoretical exam gives 60 points, and 40 points are given for work in the lab. The International Jury comprised of two representatives of each participating country discuss and evaluate the answers of the participants. The results will be announced at the closing ceremony of the Olympiad on July 28.

The teaching staff of Baku Branch of Moscow State University strictly control this great and important event on the daily basis under the supervision of President of the 47th Chemistry Olympiad, Rector of Baku Branch of Moscow State University Nargiz Pashayeva.

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