The reason for the creation of the department of Chemistry at the Branch is due to the fact that chemistry is one of the most developed sciences in Azerbaijan. A special attention towards chemistry is nurtured both by the specificity of the country’s natural resources and the Government’s policy aiming at further development of processing capacities. Since chemistry is highly prone to experimenting, the Branch succeeded in creating the most enabling conditions for developing experimental skills in a variety of chemical studies. The tools and equipment offered at the Branch are very helpful not only in training process, but in basic research involving various fields of chemistry. The number of laboratories is ever-increasing. In 2012, the total of 12 labs were offered for practical training sessions (workshops) in the following areas of concentration:

  •  inorganic chemistry (2 labs)
  •  analytic chemistry (2 labs)
  •  organic, physical, colloid chemistry and high-molecular compounds (2 labs)
  •  chemical technology (2 labs)
  •  radiochemistry.

Besides this, the Department of Chemistry has a computer lab offering classes in technology, quantitative methods in chemistry, basic soſt - ware development, computer technologies in science and education (graduate studies), as well as physical workshop offering studies to first and second year students. Importance of these classes for future chemists shall not be overseen. Undergraduate studies (Bachelor degree) at the Department of Chemistry comprise 4 years. Three optional specialties, such as petrochemistry, organic chemistry and physical chemistry, are offered during the 4th year. Students undergo two practical training courses, i.e. the introductory session (the 1st year), and the production chemistry and technology session (the 4th year).Graduate studies (Master Programs) in chemistry were launched in 2012 to train experts in the following three areas with highest demand in Azerbaijan: petrochemistry, organic chemistry and physical chemistry. Production cycle-related subjects are given the highest priority in the curriculum of the Department of Chemistry. Better understanding of the role of chemistry, creative approach to chemical studies, basic skills in the synthesis of organic and inorganic compounds, capacities in studying various objects’ properties, selection techniques in analytic methods and their further application are among the major objectives of the Department.