Nargiz Pashayeva: 47th International Chemistry Olympiad to be held for the first time in Azerbaijan will be a significant event.

On Friday a delegation from the Chemistry Faculty of Moscow State University headed by Dean of the Faculty, Academician of Russia’s Academy of Sciences, Lunin Valeriy Vasilyevich visited the Baku Branch of Lomonosov Moscow State University. The purpose of their visit was to discuss preparations for the 47th International Chemistry Olympiad to be held in 2015 at the Baku Branch of Moscow State University.

The Head of the Branch, corresponding member of the Azerbaijan National Academy of Sciences and Doctor in Philological Sciences, Prof. Nargiz Pashayeva noted: “I’m not mistaken if I say that an important event to be held in Baku next summer is closely associated with science and education. This is the International Chemistry Olympiad among students.  This momentous event will take place within the grounds of our University and over 250 school students from 80 countries are expected to participate in this significant event. Besides nearly 250 scientists, Chemistry specialists and teachers will also visit us.”

According to Prof. Pashayeva, the chief goal of the Olympiad is to arouse students’ interest in Chemical sciences, both in scientific spheres and the bounds of educational programmes.

As Nargiz Pashayeva stated such activities are international and teachers and students from various countries will come together and share their experience. “Today’s world is full of contradictions and science and culture are the spheres in which debates are constructive, for they are purely scientific and can serve as the key to the solution to conflicts. Such debates always unite people.” said Nargiz Pashayeva.

Professor N. Pashayeva pointed out that by the example of this Olympiad today’s students will realize what major role chemistry plays in the life of civilization for its future and the future of Azerbaijan. She expressed her confidence that the organizations supporting the Olympiad will provide all necessary assistance. “Organizing such an event at a high level successfully supports Azerbaijan’s image.” added Nargiz Pashayeva.

Academician V. V. Lunin emphasized that the 47th International Chemistry Olympiad among students to be held for the first time in Azerbaijan is a remarkable event in the history of the country, among international worldwide Olympiads and at the Baku branch of Moscow State University.

According to the Academician, the Olympiad will let the participants and the whole world know a wide – correct - scope of information about Azerbaijan.

“For many reasons, this Olympiad is considered unusual for Azerbaijan. I’m sure that it will be of paramount importance in developing the education of Azerbaijan,” said V.V. Lunin.

School students’ International Chemistry Olympiad is a significant event, an annual competition for school students – comprising of winners of national chemistry Olympiads. Teams from over 80 countries, including Great Britain, Italy, Germany, France, The Czech Republic, The USA, Canada, Japan, China and so on will participate. Heads of different countries render support and display their interest in holding so many important events. The decision on holding the Olympiad at the Baku Branch of Moscow State University was adopted in Washington by the Steering Committee of the International Chemistry Olympiad in July, 2012. We’d like to mention that after Russia, among the CIS countries Azerbaijan is the second that won the right to host the school students’ international Chemistry Olympiad. This decision is evidence of the prestige and worldwide recognition of merits of the Baku Branch of Moscow State University.

In accordance with the requirements of the Committee of the International Chemistry Olympiad, an organizing Committee of the 47th Olympiad has been set up under the chairmanship of the head of the branch professor Nargiz Pashayeva.

At present much work has been carried out: the first issue of the Olympiad’s newspaper “Catalyzer” and a preliminary programme of requirements for the Olympiad participants have been prepared along with the Olympiad website (

Today the Baku Branch of Moscow State University is a leading centre of Chemistry studies in Azerbaijan training specialists in different fields of Chemistry and chemical production.

The Chemistry Faculty of the branch has acquired all favorable conditions for developing knowledge in Chemistry and students’ skills, different laboratories equipped with modern machinery have been set up in the Baku Branch of Moscow State University.

Graduates of this faculty go into worthwhile jobs both in state structures and private companies.

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