The first exam of the competition in chemistry was held in Baku

The first part of the 47th International Chemistry Olympiad (IChO) which started its opening two days ago took place at Baku Branch of Lomonosov Moscow State University, one of the most prestigious educational institutions in the world.

As is well known, this year Baku Branch of MSU is the host of this event. It has  opened its doors to talented students from 75 countries.

On 23 July, the students passed their first test, the so-called experimental exam in chemistry at the campus of Baku Branch. The participants got acquainted with the safety rules and regulations of IChO on the eve of the competition. According to the rules the students have to fulfill the task within 5 hours in the labs. The Chemistry Faculty has 16 chemistry labs with up-to-date basic equipment.

Before the exam President of the 47th International Chemistry Olympiad, Rector of Baku Branch of Moscow State University Nargiz Pashayeva met with the members of the Organizing Committee and those of Science Committee. They discussed the state of being ready for the first practical exam. Later academician Valery Lunin, vice-chairman of the Organizing Committee expressed his opinion about the facilities and control of the examination process in the course of the competition.

The assignments for the experimental exam have been made by experienced teachers and specialists in such a way that the participants will be able to use the devices and modern equipment in the labs and they have an ample opportunity to demonstrate their practical knowledge in chemistry.

292 students should carry out the task applying the ways of operating the equipment. Upon completion of the test they have been sent to the jury of the IChO to assess the results of the practical exam. Under the regulations, 40 points will be given to the experimental work in the lab. The jury sessions are held in Gabala.

According to the program of the 47th IChO, the participants will take the next exam, the so-called theoretical exam, on 25 July. They will demonstrate their theoretical knowledge in chemistry.

On the days between the exams the students will visit a lot of places of interest in Baku, ancient historical monuments, fascinating architectural attractions and museums.

In order to get more information about the organization and the process of the 47th International Chemistry Olympiad in English and Azerbaijani languages you can visit the website

The site also demonstrates the daily issues of “Catalyzer” during the Olympiad. 

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